A new point and click adventure game, Mapoco Mountain© follows the story of an unwitting hero named Malakee Lunas. An apprentice clock maker turned pessimistic wanderer, Malakee is reluctantly pushed onto the broken path of adventure.

Trouble and corruption quickly becomes apparent in the fantasy world of Irah when the down and out Malakee stumbles upon a mysterious secret sect working within the ranks of the so-called protectors of the land; ‘the Irah Command’. As our unlikely explorer investigates further he is sucked into the conspiracy deeper than he originally thought possible. He soon discovers that his knowledge of a mysterious plan could endanger his own life. Luckily our disgruntled protagonist manages to escape the dungeons, fleeing his home of Harvest Town to unsuspectingly embark on a dangerous journey. Through the tubercle of assisting fallen heroes, being kidnapped, exploring underground caverns of breathing stone and capturing a dragon; Malakee manages to sustain a sarcastic yet humbling outlook on his diminishing life. As his quest intensifies, Malakee finds himself in grave danger and is left with some great responsibilities.

Mapoco Mountain is set in a fantasy world of magical cities, steam-powered towns and gigantic creatures travelling across ancient lore encrusted civilisations, all presented in enchanting hand-drawn graphics with simple point-and-click mechanics used to guide Malakee Lunas through the intrepid depths of Irah.